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What's New

Although it's nice to see what has been happening and to see I am actually doing something with the site, updating and evolving it.  The time has come that the "What's New" section needs to migrate to it's own page.

This page is so I can keep a track of what I have been up to and how far things have come since the early days of the site.

12 Jan 2021 Total Site rebuild.
8 Nov 2009 Addition of animated flags to enhance some pages.
11 Oct 2009 Update to Canadian ammo cans page.
9 Oct 2009 Layout changes to the Trials stripper clips page.
4 Oct 2009 Addition of South African link and belts, Trials stripper clips and Spanish stripper clips pages. Update to Canadian and Israeli stripper clip pages.
11 June 2009 Update to Canadian ammo cans page. Replaced the current South African flag with the pre 1994 flag. This was done because the FAL rifle in which this website is orientated to was introduced and predominantly used during this time and it seems fitting the old flag should be used. Added some new waving flags to the Home page.
31 May 2009 Addition of Canadian Link and Belts page. Updates to Canadian ammo cans page, Canadian stripper clip page.
24 May 2009 Reformating of all the pages into 1000 pixel table format. Slight modifications to home page.
16 May 2009 Addition of Spanish MCA page. Removed Iraqi Links and Belt page, M13 link is from Iran. New Iranian Link and Belts page created. Chronological order of the What's New table reversed.
29 Apr 2009 Update to Austrian Ammo can page and Quick Find Markings page.
26 Apr 2009 Update to American and British stripper clip pages, American bandoliers page, British ammo cans page, Unknown link and belts page. Addition of Belgium and Israeli link and belts pages. Modified linking tables and corrections to formatting and linking errors.
16 Apr 2009 Updates to Chinese and Canada stripper clip pages, update to British ammo can and British bandolier pages. Addition of China, Austrian Ammo cans pages. Austrian Bandolier page. New Link and Belts section containing new American, Australian, British, Iranian, Netherlands, South Korean and Unknown pages. New multi-level contents/indexing pages started, formatting changes throughout the pages.
15 Mar 2009 Layout change to China stripper clip page and page formating issues changed on Canada stripper clip page.
12 Feb 2009 Update to American MCA page, Layout change to The Netherlands, India, Italy and Unknown stripper clips pages.
10 Feb 2009 Update to Canada stripper clips page, helps if I complete the updating on the page before uploading it. Layout change to British, Australian and American stripper clip pages.
2 Feb 2009 Happy Birthday
Update to American
MCA page, update to American Bandoleers page, update to American, British and Canadian stripper clip pages, update to American Ammo can page.
6 Jul 2008 Update to India stripper clip page, addition of production years table.
28 Jun 2008 Update to American, British, India, The Netherlands, Nigeria and Quick Find Markings stripper clip pages. Addition of Swiss MCA page, Switzerland country page, American, Canadian and Belgium Ammo can pages.
2 Feb 2008 Happy Birthday
Update to Australian, American
, British, Canada, The Netherlands, India, Unknown and Quick Find Markings stripper clip pages, also updated American MCA page. Addition of Italy MCA and Israel stripper clip pages.
1 Oct 2007 Update to American, British, India, Unknown Bandolier pages. Update to American and Dutch MCA pages. Addition of Greek Bandolier page.
25 Sep 2007 Addition of Country Index pages.
24 Sep 2007 Update to Canada, Quick Find Markings, Unknown, Belgium stripper clip pages. Also Bulgeria stripper clips page added
26 Dec 2006 Update to British stripper clip page regarding the chromed Mk. 1 clip.
26 Nov 2006 Update to British stripper clip page.
24 Nov 2006 Update to American, Canada stripper clips pages, Unknown stripper clips page reinstated with all clips that I don't know who the manufacturer is, do you? If you do please let me know. Also update to Quick Find Markings page and a layout change to this page.
30 July 2006 Update to India stripper clip page with major changes and additions of clips, sorry for it being so screwed up since it's last update.
29 July 2006 Update to Greek, Italy, Nigeria and Taiwan stripper clip pages.
28 July 2006 Update to Quick Find Markings page, Corrections to Chinese, American, Dutch and Taiwan stripper clip pages due to the renaming of some pics.
24 July 2006 Update to Quick Find Markings page, major change to the laylout of the page.
23 July 2006 Update to Dutch, Unknown and Quick Find Markings pages.
22 July 2006 Update to American, British and Chinese stripper clip pages. Errors corrected on Canada stripper clips, fastfindmarkings and Links pages.
14 May 2006 Update to British stripper clip page. Addition of Indian MCA page.
12 Mar 2006 Update to British stripper clip page. Addition of measurements of the retainer spring holes and end profile of the spring. Some fomatting changes to the tables.
12 Feb 2006 Update to Canada stripper clip page. Addition of measurements of the retainer spring holes and end profile of the spring. Some fomatting changes to the tables.
9 Feb 2006 Update to Index page, 3rd Birthday today.
14 Nov 2005 Update to British stripper clip page, addition of MB1959, FTP1959 and Mk. 1 charger.
26 Oct 2005 Update to Canada stripper clip page.
22 Oct 2005 Update to American stripper clip page and some formatting to most other stripper clip pages.
21 Oct 2005 Update to India stripper clips page (format and new examples).
22 May 2005 Addition of Australian, British and Indian Ammunition Can pages.
15 May 2005 Addition of Dutch bandoleer page. Addition of Unknown bandoleers page, moving of the 5 pocket bandoleer on the American bandoleer page to Unknown bandoleers page. Modification to the linking table layout.
11 May 2005 Update to the Australian bandoleer page with the addition of a 1945 example of Mk. 1 Australian pattern bandoleer and alternative version of the 6/66 bandoleers.
10 May 2005 Addition of Taiwan stripper clip page due to the identification of one of the unknown stripper clips also required changes to the fastfindmarkings page. Wording changes to the Home page.
19 Apr 2005 Internal linking within the stripper clip pages added throughout. Alterations and formatting updates to various pages to bring them all to the same standard.
6 Apr 2005 Addition of India stripper clips and India bandoleers pages. Update to the fastfindmarkings page.
5 Apr 2005 Update to the UK stripper clip page, addition of D.S. 1959 clip.
26 Mar 2005 Update to the Australian bandoleer page with a the Mk. 3 Indian made bandoleer along with corrections for the page. Update to the Australian stripper clip page with the addition of an MBO 1966 marked clip.
17 Jan 2005 Link tables modified; "Holland" changed to "Dutch", "China" changed to "Chinese", "Greece" changed to "Greek", "UK" changed to "British", "USA" changed to "American" and "Unknown Clips" changed to "Unknown" along with their associated pages.
16 Jan 2005 Belgium Army MCA added, additions and alterations to he following stripper clip pages, Australia, UK, Canada, USA, Dutch. Additions to the USA bandoleer page. Additional information added to the Researching stripper clips page. "Top of page" links corrected throughout.
18 Jul 2004 Early Canadian bandoleer added to the Canada page.
2 Jul 2004 Experimental one-piece clip added to UK stripper clip page.
19 Jun 2004 Updates to the Stripper clip pages with the addition of 'Top of Page' links through out the page. Additional clips and alterations done to Australia, Canada, UK stripper clip pages.
11 Jan 2004 Updates to the Australia, Canada, USA, Unknown, UK stripper clips & Chinese added. Additions in USA MCA , Argentina MCA pages.
8 Sep 2003 General updating throughout and Addition of Selected References and What's New pages.
26 Jul 2003 Proposed to split up of Ammo cans and the addition of the proposed extension into Ammunition. Addition of the Links page (now I've figured out how to do it) :-) Only some of the proposed pages available at this time through the home page index. Using your MCA page has been added.
20 Jun 2003 Addition of Argentina MCA page, Chinese Stripper Clip page, South Africa Bandoleer page, alterations to the Israeli MCA and UK Stripper Clips pages.
7 Jun 2003 Addition of Austria MCA page.
4 Jun 2003 Addition of 800 round crate of F4 on the Ammo Cans also addition of Dutch MCA page and some minor updates throughout.
4 Apr 2003 Addition of measurement tables to the stripper clip pages.
21 Mar 2003 Addition of the stripper clip quick find markings TABLE page.
15 Mar 2003 IDing of the unknown V0 clip as in-fact A0, It's American! Addition of the Israeli MCA page. Addition of the Ammo Cans page under Other Information column. Updates to Unknown stripper clips, American MCA, Australian Bandoliers, Canadian MCA etc.
1 Mar 2003 Addition of Greek & Nigeria stripper clip pages and formatting changes.
23 Feb 2003 Formatting changes.
22 Feb 2003 Addition of CDN, UK & USA Bandoleer pages and the addition of pics/links to the Australian page. Belgium MCA added. Formatting change to stripper clip pages.
16 Feb 2003 Addition of Australian Bandoleers link, NOTE links inside Australian Bandoleers don't work yet.
15 Feb 2003 Addition of cross-links added.
11 Feb 2003 Australian, Canadian & UK Magazine charging adaptor pages added.
10 Feb 2003 Stripper clip photo's added and some formatting changes proposed addition of Magazine Charging Adaptor and Bandoleer sections.
2 Feb 2003 Website started and I have very little idea about what 'm doing :-D